The Sacrament of Baptism is celebrated on the 1st Saturday of the month in St Joseph’s at 5 pm and on the 3rd Saturday of the month in St Mary’s at 5.15 pm. Please book you Baptism with Fr Paddy at least 2 weeks before.

For more details refer to the Baptism section in our website.


It is important that all relevant paper work is complete at least 12 weeks before the ceremony.  This will involve completing the following:

Civil Registration Forms which are completed in the Council Offices in Cookstown.  These forms have also to be signed by the Priest performing the marriage.

Pre-Nuptial Enquiry Forms which are completed with the Priest who will perform the marriage.

It is also important that you arrange your Pre-Marriage Course with ACCORD at least 10 months before the ceremony. Telephone 028 38334781

For more details refer to separate section on GETTING MARRIED in the website.


The date for Confirmation is issued by the Archdiocese each year.

In advance of the ceremony of Confirmation a Ceremony of Light will be held each year for the Confirmandi.

First Confession / First Communion

Please refer to the Diary of Events section for the date of First Confession and First Communion.